Modern Ballet Dancer

Decodanceschool's Covid guidlines

Details about our new policies to keep you safe whilst attending classes

1. Students must be dropped off at the usual entrance door 5mins before class where they will be collected and signed in by the teacher, before heading to the studio. Unfortunately if you are not there once the last student has been signed in you will miss the session.  

2. Students must remain within the marked squares whilst in the studio throughout the session, with the exception of toilet breaks. 

3. Students will be escorted and exit the building from the door beyond the theatre entrance (fire exit) where they will be signed out to parents. I respectfully ask that you are not late collecting your child, however should this happen they will remain with me until the next group of students is due to be signed in, when your child will be signed out the entrance door.

4. Students must sanitise their hands upon entry and exit of the building and during classes longer than 45mins.

5. No additional persons or parents are to enter the building and there is to be no waiting in the greenroom during class, however for those parents who normally stay you are welcome to wait in your car. 

6. Face-masks do not need to be worn during class, however we do recommend they are worn to and from class (please ensure your child is able to remove and re-apply their mask by themselves where possible).  

7. Where students are back to back in classes they will remain in my care during the cleaning break and will need to wash and sanitise their hands when moving between bubbles.

8. Please don't attend classes if you are unwell, have a temperature or a persistent cough.

9. All drinks bottles, equipment and uniform brought to class must be clearly labelled with the students name to avoid any confusion.

10. Younger students maybe accompanied by one adult to class but we must be notified on the enrolment form. We also request that once you and your child are happy for them to attend alone that you do so. 

11. ordering of new uniform and equipment will be processed 3 times a term only. 

12. We respectfully ask that only one parent drops and collects their child from class to keep numbers limited. 

13. The preferred method of payment is Bacs to keep things as contactless as possible. 

14. To keep things running smooth and on time any questions/discussions with parents will need to be dealt with via email and not at the start or end of class. 

15. Please where possible ensure that your child has visited the toilet prior to class to keep any disruption to the lesson to a minimum. 

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