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LAMDA exams for our actors: What can acting do for your child?

So maybe you've thought of your child as a bit of a drama king or queen at home then they could be just right to learn acting with us. There are so many benefits in learning to act that many people just don't realise and it often gets overlooked.

*Does your child lack confidence to speak in public whether to a large or small audience?

*Do they struggle with English at school?

*Would you like to improve their pronunciation of words?

*or simply improve concentration and memory.

Then acting can help with all of these things and more!

Acting will teach your child life long skills that can be drawn on to assist them in their english exams at school, going for a job interviews, holding meetings at work or indeed acting on stage.

Not only that our actors get the option to take their LAMDA (London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts) exams with us. These are internationally recognised exams which also grant your children UCAS points too which all add up.

Want to learn more about acting and what LAMDA can do for you then watch the short video below. Enjoy.

The Seagull Theatre,
19-75 Morton Rd,
NR33 0JH

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