Your First Class

What to expect and ware to your first class

At decodanceschool you'll will receive a warm, friendly welcome from your teacher and the rest of the group.

We recommend that you arrive a little early (5mins) to your first class, as this allows you time to meet your fellow class mates in the foyer beforehand and get to know them. We also advise everyone to bring a drink to class including our actors as both dance and drama is thirsty work.

All new students can take up to 3 weeks to truly settle in class, as during the initial period they are figuring out they're new surroundings, the teacher and other children, the noise, lights, sights and smells are all different and they need to get used to it. Don't worry if it takes your child a little longer than 3 weeks or if they don't seem fazed at all about going to class. All children are different and respond differently to new situations, but rest assured once they get settled there will be no stopping them.


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